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Flip-Up Posi-Stop System

For Optimizing Purposes (Our Most Flexible System)

Offering the same ease of installation and calibration as other Posi-Stop products, they also allow for rapid switching between multiple stops to achieve a variety of cutting lengths. Flip-Up units are recommended for production work stations where set-up time is critical.

Photo at left shows two Flip-Up units (F-06-L and F-01-L) resting on the double rail set-up. One unit is shown in the down position, or working position, while the other unit is flipped up. This set-up allows for quick changes between multiple cut positions.

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Flip-Up Units

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• The Flip-Up system requires two standard Universal Guide Rails (which are sold separately), mounted parallel and against each other. The back rail is designated for locating and locking the stop. The front rail performs fence function only.

• Flip-Up Posi-Stop units are shown in the down (working) position.

• Minimum spacing between two Flip-Up units equals 4".