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Accurate - Precise - Performance

The Posi-Stop System

The Posi-Stop System was originally designed, developed and
introduced to the marketplace by the MAYA Co. in 1989. Since then,
thousands of Posi-Stop units have been sold to a variety
of concerns throughout the world.

A manual linear locating system for cutting, drilling, lay-out and
other industrial applications, the Posi-Stop System has improved
the competitive advantage of countless businesses across a wide
range of industries by providing precise repeatable results time
and time again.

What is unique about the Posi-Stop System is that it improves
the accuracy and efficiency of metal, plastic and woodworking
machines, jigs and fixtures at a modest investment cost.
Plus, it minimizes production set-up time, run time and rework time,
adding value and utility to plant equipment.

Improves accuracy and efficiency of
metal, plastic and woodworking
machines by reduction of the set-up
time, run time and re-work time.
Eighteen Semi-Custom made high
quality models to choose from.
Length stop system that combines
smooth sliding with exact
locating and positive locking.

Used for metal work,
manufacturing windows,
doors, cabinets, furniture,
millwork, construction
and machine work.

Easy to mount and
calibrate on a variety of
saw or drill press extension
tables, conveyers, jigs,
fixtures or lay-out tables.

Flexible - Efficient - Positioning